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Who We Are & What We Provide?

Dealing with lesser accuracy while filling monthly Income tax returns or during GST registrations? Well, these are typical struggles of business owners. It not only costs them more elevated taxable amounts but also consumes lots of their time and effort. It’s true, that GST returns or Income Tax Returns are never painless for budding entrepreneurs and busy businesses. Therefore, these registration points will help entrepreneurs like you to simplify the entire process.

You can avail of all of the GST-related services at one medium i.e. GST Suvidha Center. We quickly release the burden from your shoulders and charge your GST returns on our behalf.

What is & What Does It Do?

GST Suvidha Center is an authorized GSP, that acts as a well-established destination. Delivering countable GST-related services to erase the struggle of businesses to file their GST returns.

As new entrepreneurs are confused about GST and Tax returns, this acts as a mediocre to connect GST services with such businesses. Just rely on our expert GST professionals, holding vast knowledge & years of expertise. They define, implement, and execute essential elements to customize solutions according to your business needs. We provide tailored solutions for complex business concerns. With the support of our expert professionals in each vertical we provide services to satisfy our clients to the utmost level.

500+ Services offering at GST Suvidha Kendra

Where professionals charge high fees government allows businesses to fill their GST returns on time that’s too with nominal fees saving time & money. GST & ITR services are available at affordable rates at GST Seva Kendra. The considerable services include;

DSC Class-2/2 Years/Signature

A mandatory certificate to file Income Tax Returns, VAT, and registrars of the companies. As Ministry of Company (GoI) had initiated this under MCA 21 for secure and easy access to these services. It supports Class-2, 3 Digital Signature Certificates that are issued by licensed certifying authorities. Apply for your company’s DSC-2/2 years/signature at the best price at our GST Suvidha Center.

Monthly - Accounting Package

To ensure high transparency, comparability, reliability, and consistency of financial statements, monthly accounting is indispensable. Experts at GST Suvida Kendra leverage their services by recognizing the financial event correctly, measuring & presenting them fairly, thereby keeping the stakeholders informed.

GST Bookkeeping

GST Bookkeeping is an essential aspect of the business to maintain records for the daily entries for the services and goods sold or received. Enjoy stress-free handling of entries with such services at GST Seva Kendra.

Digital Tax Payment

Digital Tax Payment or Challan filling is easier when you have an expert as your right hand. You can avoid high penalties by filing the tax payment even through the Digital Tax payment method.

GST Return Filing

Filling out the returns, auto-populate the information related to ITC (Input Tax Credit), uploading the invoice level information, etc, should be carried out very carefully to figure the net taxable amount. GST Return filing experts ensure you won’t miss a chance to save on your taxes.

Trademark Registration-Individual

Want your customers should recognize you as an expert in the business of your niche? Trademark Registration Individuals at the gst registration center will help you to get an exclusive right to enhance the company’s goodwill and establish a loyal clientele.

E-way Bill- Registration

Tax evasion tracking is important to retaliate ITR investigations. The mechanism of E-way Bill- Registration helps to ensure whether the goods comply with the GST law and monitor their movement of transport.

E-way Bill- Single

Weather you are a consignor or consignee and transporting the goods via self/ hired conveyance you must record it via E-way Bill- Single. This reduces the workload and saves time from visiting the tax officers or checkposts to validate the movements of goods.


ITR-1 services for individuals who are not earning via lottery, or gambling and must have one property as a source of income. Also, individuals who are having tax-free income from agriculture fall under this category of filing Income Tax returns having an income value of less than 50 lakhs.


ITR-2 services for individuals who have an earning source of more than a single property. The income sources from the lottery or gambling are involved in it. Income from agriculture above 5000 falls under this category of Income Tax Return.


For business owners having income from profits and losses are covered under this category? Although, online filing of ITR-3 is also possible there is a need to verify the owner’s ITR-V form.


For individuals having income <50 lakhs fall under this category. Individuals who have chosen the presumptive business income must file Income Tax Return under this category.

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जीएसटी सुविधा केंद्र क्या है ?

हम सभी जानते है कि देश भर में GST को लागू किया गया है | लेकिन GST से संबंधित कुछ समस्याओं को लेकर व्यापारियों, उद्योगपतियों, छोटे कारोबारियों को बहुत मुश्किलें हो रही हैं | इस तरह की सभी समस्याओ के समाधान के लिए कई कंपनियां जैसे Effizent Seele Pvt Ltd सम्पूर्ण भारत में जीएसटी सुविधा सेन्टर या केंद्र की Franchise खोल कर लोगो को कम लागत में डिजिटल इंडिया के तहत स्व रोजगार के अवसर प्रदान कर रही हैं * मात्र 25 हजार रुपए में GST Suvidha kendra या Center खोलें और हर महीने 40 से 50 हजार रुपए से ज्यादा की कमाई करें.

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Benefits to Opening GST Suvidha Kendra Franchise?

1. A gift voucher for the net worth of Rs. 15,000+ 10,000
2. Authorized license
3. CRM Software.
4. Mobile App Facility for the franchise and its clients.
5. Designed Softcopy for business id, banner and business card.
6. Relationship manager
7. Backend Support
8. Toll-free facility 24*7

gst suvidha kendra registration

Eligibility Criteria to Begin Your Own GST Suvidha Kendra? (Eligibility Criteria)

Aspiring to become a GST expert or begin your own GST business? Are you a housewife, a retired professional looking to start something, or someone looking for a part-time business? Please, ensure you match the eligibility checkpoints to begin working as a GST Suvidha Center Franchise provider.

Qualifications :

a )  At least 12 std passed.
b )  Must be equipped with basic knowledge of computers and the Internet.
c )  Can either follow Work from Office or Work From Home (100 square feet of space).
d )  Must Have one ID proof and Photograph.
e )  A fully-functional printer

How to Apply for GST Suvidha Kendra Franchise?

Interested in applying for GST Suvidha Franchiise? Here, are the steps you can quickly go through and implement to start your new journey.

Step-1 Fill Out an Application Form

You can kick-start your journey to becoming a GST expert by filling out an application form. Make sure you carry the documents that are discussed here to carry out your login and provide the services;

a )  1 Photograph of yours
b )  1 ID (It could be either an Aadhar card, Voter Card, or PAN)
c )  Your Address proof

Once you have affixed them to your application, a GST expert will verify your location. Once verified and assured that there is no other GST Seva Kendra in your area, you will receive a call to proceed with the further processes.

Step-2 Sign an Agreement & Deposit the License Fee

A GST agent will approach you to deposit the license fees. This is followed by signing out an agreement too. Congrats, the moment you complete the things you have become an agent.

Step-3 Attend the Training Sessions

After successfully becoming an agent, your training will begin the very next day.

Franchise Cost

You will receive a list of licenses once you are verified as a GST agent. The list includes the following elements;

Name of the License Validity / Price / Services / Document
Pro GST Suvidha Center License 25 Years
Provision of Coupons Worth Rupees 25000
With Pro GST Suvidha Kendra Can Provide All Services
GST Suviidha Kendra Owner License Hard Copy

Commission Structure of GST Suvidha Kendra.

Brainstorming how you will earn sufficient income with this. Well, if that’s the concern, you should retain zero worries. Because with GST Kendra, in very fifteen days you will be able to make enough money.

Suppose you have 15-18 clients in the very first month. By the end of the year, you will be having 200+ clients for whom you are providing GST services. In a scenario even if you are providing only two services i.e. GST registration and GST Return you can make more than 80,000 by the end of the year each month.

Curious to know more. Let’s explore the commission rates so that you yourself can derive your own conclusions. The commission rates that you will receive through Kendra are described below.

GST Services Commission Rates
GST and Accounting 50%
Company Related 20-30%
E-way Bills 50%
Travel 4-5%
Money Transfer 1%
Insurance 15% to 28%
Bill Payment Rs 1 to Rs 3
AEPS & ATM 1.25%
Postpaid Bills Rs 1 to Rs 3
Recharges 2 to 5.5%
DataCard 2 to 5.5%
DTH 2 to 5.5%

Note: You can also utilize the Commission Calculator to measure your profits on the monthly basis. This would be completely based on the work you have done.

Tip: To calculate the exact amount, press (+) or (-) on the commission calculator.


Q. Why GST Suvidha Kendra is Beneficial for Taxpayers?

As there are fewer professionals to serve the ‘taxable person’ like; firms, companies, LLP, HUF, individuals, government companies, or any corporation. A Franchise has the potential to bridge the gap between them. It provides license and back office support to operate these services in an affordable and easy-accessible manner.

Q. What are the Advantages of Paying for a GST Super License?

The amount required to avail of the GST Super License is very affordable. Yet, it may seem a little bit expensive, but it actually worth the investment. There are so many beneficiaries offered that are extremely helpful for you.
Some of the perks you will enjoy after paying for the GST Super License are as follows;
a )  Training materials
b )  GSTN-GST approved license
c )  GST Promotional Material
d )  Coupons to the equivalent amount paid to obtain license
e )  Set of all GST-related services
f )  Help Desk Support 24 * 7
g )  GST Engagement Services
h )  All Tax and Company Related Services
i )  Get Rs.100 Discount on all the services

Q. What are the Roles of a GST Expert?

As a GST expert, you need to carry out the following roles and responsibilities;
a )  To file a fresh request for Registration.
b )  To file a request for registration change or cancellation.
c )  To provide data on internal and external resources.
d )  To send a request for a refund.
e )  To provide GST returns, on a monthly, quarterly, or even annual basis.

Q. What are the Various Services That You Can Offer After Obtaining a License for GST Suvidha Kendra Franchise?

Once you have successfully obtained the license you are capable to offer various GST services to your clients, these are as follows;
a )  Income Tax Services
b )  GST Services
c )  DSC & Token
d )  Accounting
e )  Registrations
f )  E-Way Bills
g )  Auditing
h )  Registrations
i )  IEC
j )  Trademark
k )  PAN
l )  Travel
m )  Insurance
n )  Bill Payment
o )  Money Transfer
p )  Recharges
q )  Post-paid Bills
r )  DTH
s )  Datacard
t )  AEPS & ATM
u )  Misc. (Miscellaneous)

Q. What is the GST Registration Process?

It is basically the initial step, to begin with your journey as a GST expert. You need to register yourself declaring your interest to provide GST Registration Processes;
a )  Name of Applicant
b )  Mobile Number
c )  Email Address
d )  Area of Residing
e )  Pincode
f )  City
Once you have successfully registered for GST an executive will validate the Pincode and identify the presence of any Kendra. In case, no GST Suvidha Center is present in your area you will receive a call to proceed with the further operations.


GST Suvidha Kendra: A New Way for High and Easy Returns

How to open GST Suvidha Kendra