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The Indian government has been making an effort to inform the public about different tax-related programs and duties, like filing GST returns, for almost ten years. The government finds it difficult to support India's rapidly growing startup scene, however, as most people are unaware of this important endeavor.

In response to this problem, we established the Grahak Seva Kendra to support both rural and urban residents, with the objective of helping people with a range of government-related duties.

Our goal is to assist Prime Minister Modi in realizing his vision of India as a global powerhouse through 2050 by offering all businesses comprehensive services.

Get ready to take advantage of this wonderful chance and support our efforts to digitalize India.

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What is Grahak Seva Kendra?

The largest chain of digital stores in India, Grahak Seva Kendra, is powered by gstsuvidhakendra and offers a wide range of GST-related services to small and large businesses, traders, shopkeepers, and seasonal workers.

In a short amount of time, Grahak Seva Kendra rose to prominence as the top GST Suvidha supplier in India, offering up to 450+ services, GST services to over 14 lakh clients, and 20,000+ active GST franchises nationwide.

A Grahak Seva Kendra franchise offers a special chance to empower local communities and close the gap between basic services and rural life. It is more than just a service center; it is a multidimensional hub of solutions that cater to the various needs of the community.

Let us take a look at the various services provided by Grahak Seva Kendra.

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Our Wide Range of Services

A vast array of options are provided by the more than 400 services available through the Grahak Seva Kendra. Our desire to assist with a range of needs is demonstrated by the fact that these services are offered to both individuals and businesses. We have chosen a few well-liked services from Grahak Seva Kendra’s offerings to give you a general idea of the wide range of services we provide.

1. PAN Card Services

These days, a PAN card is required everywhere and is necessary for making financial transactions. As you go through the process, our franchise owners will guide you. The Grahak Seva Kendra can handle a wide range of PAN card issues, from name changes to mobile number links. They will help you obtain the PAN card and explain its importance in financial transactions. They are committed to ensuring that you understand how PAN cards work financially.

Picture of a PAN Card
Picture of an Adhaar Card

2. Aadhar Card Services

Typos are unfortunately common in Aadhar cards. Most people do not know how to correct them. Grahak Seva Kendra provides a one-step solution for correcting all typing errors. Customers can easily update their basic Adhaar card information in stores. Our goal is to ensure that your Aadhar card is accurate and error-free.

3. GST Related Services

GST is a complex subject, but our Grahak Seva Kendra owners are well-versed in it. They can assist you in registering for GST and handling all of the required paperwork for GST filing. They are highly dedicated, irrespective of whether you are a small or large business owner, to ensuring that your GST processes are simple and follow the rules, so you can focus on your business rather than complicated paperwork.

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Loan Image

4. Loan Services

Nowadays, most people want to start their own businesses and, as a result, they require quick cash. This requirement can be met by obtaining Mudra loans from Grahak Seva Kendra. If you want to quit your 9 to 5 job, Mudra loans can be the first step in your entrepreneurial journey.

Grahak Seva Kendra is enough to solve all of your financial problems. They cover all finance-related services required for a business, such as chartered accountants, business aadhaar, GST file returns, bookkeeping, and so on.

So, opening a digital store is akin to unlocking a plethora of useful services. It is about making life easier for both individuals and businesses, not just running a business. You can be a part of this by assisting others with their critical needs at a low cost.

5. Insurance Services

These days, having insurance is a must if you want to fully enjoy life. In the last ten years, insurance has become much more valuable due to the rise in societal uncertainty. The digital store offers a wide range of insurance choices, including life, health, and general insurance.

To put it simply for those who are unaware of the distinction between these two forms of insurance, life insurance provides coverage for an individual's entire life as well as fixed health benefits. However, general insurance also provides coverage for non-life assets like homes, cars, health, events, travel, and more.

Insurance Picture
Digital Services

6. Digital Services

The GST Suvidha Center offers an endless array of digital services, such as developing an eye-catching logo that fits the enterprise's future, an efficient one-stop website for ventures, and successful social media marketing across multiple platforms.

How Can You Set Up Your Own Grahak Seva Kendra?

To establish your own GST Suvidha Kendra, adhere to the steps listed below: You can get in touch with our knowledgeable staff to gather all the information you need. Find a place of business to establish your GST Suvidha Center. Our experts will provide you with the necessary documents and training.

Approach nearby businesses. In this regard, our team of experts will assist you in reaching more clients and converting them into loyal customers. As soon as you receive an order, simply forward it to us. We will make certain that your order is delivered efficiently and on time. Continue your education regarding growing the business of your GST Suvidha Center.

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to assisting you in establishing your business using a franchise model. We are dedicated to making services easily accessible and user-friendly to make the lives of community members easier, in contrast to traditional franchise models that only list services.

You have a significant role in promoting other businesses as the owner of Grahak Seva Kendra. You are actively improving the lives of those around you, in addition to empowering your community. This is an opportunity to do more than just make money; it is also an opportunity to change things locally.

Grahak Seva Kendra presents an exceptional and fulfilling prospect for individuals seeking a business enterprise that integrates prosperity with social responsibility.

Join Grahak Seva Kendra and be a part of our mission.


1. Why is Grahak Seva Kendra beneficial for taxpayers?
Ans - Professionals such as firms, companies, LLPs, HUFs, individuals, government companies, or any corporation are less available to assist the "taxable person." The possibility exists for a franchise to close the distance between them. It offers back office support and licenses so that these services can be run affordably and easily.

2. What are the advantages of paying for a GST Super License?
Ans - The GST Super License can be obtained for a very reasonable fee. Nevertheless, even though it could appear a little pricey, the investment is worthwhile. There are a ton of advantages that are very beneficial to you.
The following are some of the benefits you will receive after purchasing the GST Super License:

  1. Instructional materials
  2. Authorized by GSTN-GST
  3. Materials for Promoting GST
  4. Coupons for the license fee
  5. All services related to GST combined
  6. Support Desk for GST Engagement Services Available 24/7
  7. Get all Company and Tax services.
  8. Receive a discount of Rs. 100 on all services.

3. What is the GST registration process?
Ans - It is essentially the first step towards becoming a GST expert. You must register and indicate that you would like to offer GST Registration Processes.

  1. Name of Applicant
  2. Mobile Number
  3. Email Address
  4. Area of Residence
  5. Pincode
  6. City
After your GST registration has been approved, a representative will verify the pincode and locate any Kendras. In the event that your area lacks a GST Suvidha Center, you will be contacted to initiate additional procedures.

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