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GST Suvidha Kendra is India’s leading online services portal that delivers more than 40 services such as banking, household bill payment, travel, voter, pan, aadhar card, and much more to its agents who in turn transfer these services to their customers. You can also consider it to be an IT-enabled front-end delivery outlet for both Government and private services.

What is CSC?

CSC is the other name used in place of Jan Seva Kendra. It focuses on making significant government as well as private sector schemes digital to help all the rural citizens of our nation so that they can also be benefitted from all the privileges provided by the Government of India. It aims to improve the lifestyle of the lower section of our society.

Entrepreneurs can also open their own CSC Jan Seva Kendra through which they can earn decent earnings as well as make the local people aware of the same. Local entrepreneurs will be allocated this opportunity so that there can be an increment in the employment of rural people.

Government plans to have a minimum of one CSC Jan Seva Kendra in every village district and over 2.5 lakhs of gram panchayats in our nation so that ample opportunities can be created for thousands of unemployed residents.

Why Is the CSC Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra Important?

In the absence of technology, people used to move around government offices earlier regarding several official services related to Aadhar cards, PAN cards, voter IDs, etc, or for making any significant certificates such as birth certificates, and death certificates.

However, with the discovery of digital technology, almost every type of small and big work is happening online. The government of India has also encouraged many employment, government, and non-government services to be delivered in one place for the public. That’s why the CSC or GST Suvidha Kendra is significant to the public.

What Is the Goal of CSC Jan Suvidha Kendra?

With the help of Jan Seva Kendra, the Government aims to make India completely digitized so that our country doesn’t leave behind advanced nations. The core objectives of Jan Seva Kendra are mentioned below:

1. To work as an agent to aid several Government and private schemes.
2. Giving a single comprehensive solution to all kinds of Government and private services by preparing significant government documents easily.
3. Managing the requirements of rural areas is the top priority.
4. Empowering the idea and execution of entrepreneurship in rural areas.
5. Playing an active role in making a digital India and providing many opportunities this way to rural people so that they may earn a livelihood.

What Are the Different Jan Seva Kendra Services?

To remove the complexity and make the lifestyle of rural easier, CSC or Jan Seva Kendra provides the following main services:

G2C (Government to Consumer)

1. Pension services
2. Passport services
3. Aadhar Printing and enrollment
4. PAN card
5. Digitize India
6. Voter ID
7. Ayushman Bharat Card
8. Ration Card
9. Apollo Telemedicine
10.E-Nagrik and E-District services such as Birth/Death certificates

B2C (Business to Consumer)

1. Mobile & DTH Recharge
2. E-commerce Sales
3. E-learning
4. Agriculture services
5. IRCTC Authorized Agent
6. Jan Seva Bazaar

Educational Services

1. IGNOU Services ie Course Information, Application form, etc.
2. Adult Education
3. NIOS Registration
4. Digital literacy wherein IT training is provided
5. NIELIT Services

Banking or Financial Services

1. Money Transfer
2. Account Opening
3. FD&D
4. Mini ATM
5. Insurance Services of LIC, SBI Life, ICICI Prudential, and others

How to Do Jan Seva Kendra Registration?

With the help of CSC Jan Seva Kendra online registration, an individual can create and run his/her own CSC Jan Seva Kendra in his/her locality in any state of India. If any entrepreneur wants to start a Jan Seva Kendra, he/she has to fulfill the mandatory requirements.

After the basic conditions are fulfilled, an application can be sent for starting a new Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra. The chronological process is explained in detail below.

Eligibility Criteria for Registration

If any Indian desires to open a Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra, then some eligibility criteria have to be fulfilled. Go through the following list and you will understand quickly.

1. The individual must be 18+.
2. He/she must have at least passed through higher secondary education.
3. Computer knowledge is a must to understand the online ecosystem which is framed by the Government of India.
4. A quick and uninterrupted web connection to get the process done smoothly.
5. Evidence related to property such as electricity bills or rent agreements is essential.

Identity Proof Documents

If the individual is eligible to register, he/she is supposed to submit his/her documents for authenticating the identity. The documents needed are:

1. Matriculation certificate
2. Voter card
3. Ration card
4. Driving License
5. Graduation certificate from a recognized university

Address Proof Documents

After the identity is verified, there comes the need to authenticate the individual’s residential address. The following documents are required for the verification:

1. Passport
2. Aadhar Card
3. Telephone Bill
4. Electricity Bill
5. Water Bill
6. Voter ID

Jan Seva Kendra Step By Step Registration Guide

After becoming eligible and providing all the essential documents, you are required to complete the Jan Seva Kendra registration process which is as follows:

Click on the “Apply Now” option that is available at the top right corner of the screen.

An online form will appear. Fill in the following information appropriately:

1. Name
2. Email
3. Mobile No.
4. Pin Code
5. Address
6. District
7. State
8. Interest
9. Firm
10. Education

After filling in all the information, click on “Apply” to complete the process.

Congratulations, it is done. An executive from our side will contact you soon to guide you about what is to be done next.

How To Do CSC Jan Seva Kendra Login?

The CSC Jan Seva Kendra login process is extremely simple and you can complete it in 2-3 steps only. Below mentioned is its guide:

Click on the “Log In” option. You can easily find it at the top right corner of the page.

Scroll down the page a little and fill in your credentials:

1. Email
2. Password

After you have filled in the credentials, click on “Log In”.

And that’s it, you have successfully logged in to your account.

Requirements for Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra

Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra is specifically framed for those living in rural areas only. If you want to set up a business by becoming a village-level entrepreneur, then follow the set of instructions mentioned below:

To open your own Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra, you have to take care of the following necessities:

1. A room of a minimum of 100-150 sq ft
2. Minimum 2 computers whose
2.1. operating systems are either Windows XP-SP2 or the latest version
2.2. and UPS must have a 5-hour backup.
3. 2 printers Inkjet + DOT Matrix
4. RAM of minimum 512MB and memory in hard disk to be 120GB
5. A digital camera or a webcam
6. The speed of the Internet should be 120 kbps
7. Either wired or wireless V-SAT connectivity
8. Either a CD/DVD Camera
9. Biometrics or IRIS authentication scanner to perform banking services


What Is the Full Form of CSC?
The term CSC implies Common Service Center. It is an initiative of the government to promote entrepreneurship and construct the largest digital ecosystem in India.

How Much Can I Make From CSC?
By running your own CSC Jan Seva Kendra, you can earn 20,000-50,000 per month.

How Much Do I Require to Open a CSC or Jan Seva Kendra?
Any entrepreneur who is going to start a CSC should consider the amount of estimated cost before proceeding with any other crucial step. To open Jan Seva Kendra, an entrepreneur needs 1.25 to 1.5 lakh rupees.

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